Vanguard Eldercare Medical GroupSM  assures that chronically ill and frail Seniors get the specialized and compassionate care they deserve.  We accomplish this difficult task through the creation and
management of integrated systems of care. Vanguard Eldercare Medical GroupSM is dedicated to compassionate, state of the art health care for the elderly. 

Complex ongoing Senior Care problems include:   
    • dementia
    • emotional and behavioral disorders
    • movement disorders
    • neurocognitive changes 
    • general decline and other neurologic conditions
Many Seniors with these conditions reside in a supportive environment; Assisted Living,
Skilled Nursing Facilities and Long Term Care Facilities.   

Vanguard Eldercare Medical GroupSM is the only health care organization in Indiana that provides on-site, sophisticated specialty Senior care services across a full range of living circumstances. 
Vanguard specialists see Senior patients in our outpatient offices, at acute care hospitals and the complete spectrum of long term care facilities; Long Term Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care and Assisted Living.

Our Mission:

Relieve suffering, improve the safety and preserve and enhance the dignity of the aged in long term settings afflicted with neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.  Support their care givers and loved ones and advance our knowledge through clinical research.